River Lodges Association

River Lodges Association

Mersey Lodge is a member of the River Lodges Association, which was established for lodges named after or connected to Rivers. The aim of the association is to forge links with like minded lodges, keen to promote the interests of Freemasonry amongst their members and to encourage greater Masonic contacts, to provide a support and networking group for each other.  Whilst all the Founding Lodges operate under the authority of the United Grand Lodge of England it is hoped that links can be established with lodges from other recognised constitutions to build a stronger and far reaching network.

Details of the individual lodge meetings and social functions are circulated to member lodges to encourage inter-visiting, giving both the younger and the more experienced Mason the opportunity of witnessing a wider variety of Masonic rituals and practices, to form new friendships and contacts across a wide geographical area.  The Association will also provide the opportunity for smaller ‘River’ Lodges to join together for social functions which might otherwise not be viable in their own right. 

We would welcome  contact with any brother who would like further information or indeed any River Lodge interested in joining the Association, please e-mail the Secretary at rivers_la@btinternet.com

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