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Hello and on behalf of the brethren of the Mersey Lodge I would like to welcome you to our Lodge website.

This site contains information and facts about Freemasonry, some Masonic history from England and Wales, with a special focus on London Masonry and of course this Lodge itself.

The content of this site has been approved by the United Grand Lodge of England and this is our Charter Mark

We do hope that your visit to this site will maybe ignite or just fan your interest in the oldest and biggest secular fraternity in the World – the Free and Accepted Masons (aka Freemasons aka Masons aka the Masonic etc). Please do leave a comment to let us know what you think of the site.

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Mike Martin, Webmaster

9 thoughts on “Welcome to our Page

  1. I was left an orb pendent from my great grandfather. Is there anyway I can trace its origin? I’m unable to get information from other family members because the have no knowledge of anything to do with free masonry. My grandmother has an idea, but is convinced these symbols and society are unholy. What could you suggest I do to further my knowledge on this personal mystery?

    • Hi there and thank you for your email.

      It is quite unusual for these orbs to cross to America as they are a particularly British piece of jewellery. I will send an email to you and if you can send me some good quality images I will tell you what I can about it.


    • Hello there,
      Obviously we cannot help you as we are in England! However, you can send a letter to the District Grand Lodge of Ghana telling them of your interest using this address: District Grand Lodge of Ghana, PO Box CT 2774, Cantonments, Accra, Ghana.

      Best of luck

  2. I am editor of the Square magazine and would like to include your Graveside address and possibly lodge of sorrow in the next issue. This would be attributed to your site of course.
    Is this acceptable to you?

    • Hi Mike and thank you for the contact.

      Neither document are owned by us, I actually transcribed the Graveside Address from an old book in my Library (that predated the UGLE suppression of it) it must have been either a John T Lawrence one of possibly even from British Masonic Miscellany. I shall check and let you know.

    • Hi Mike just to clarify I found it in the end it is transcribed from the book “Freemasonry and its Etiquette” by William Preston Campbell-Everden and published in 1955

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