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Hello and on behalf of the brethren of the Mersey Lodge I would like to welcome you to our Lodge website.

This site contains information and facts about Freemasonry, some Masonic history from England and Wales, with a special focus on London Masonry and of course this Lodge.

The content of this site has been approved by the United Grand Lodge of England and this is our Charter Mark

We do hope that your visit to this site may ignite or maybe just fan your interest in the oldest and biggest secular fraternity in the World – the Free and Accepted Masons (aka Freemasons aka Masons aka the Masonic etc). Please do leave a comment to let us know what you think of the site.

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Mike Martin, Webmaster

24 Responses to A Welcome

  1. David Maloney says:

    Greetings from Mount Zion Lodge No. 311. (Troy, New York) my friends and Brothers. Hope all is well on your side of the Atlantic and I am happy to drop in and say hello. I would also like to give a thanks to Mike M. for his insight, advice, and answers regarding questions on askafreemason.com. You and the rest of the guys are a big part in me joining this great Fraternity. Thanks, Bro. David Maloney

    • Mike Martin says:

      Hi David and thank you for your kind words. I hope that you go on to enjoy your membership as much as I have enjoyed mine.

  2. Lean says:


    I live in London and I would like to learn more about Freemasonry.
    I have been reading about it, however I don’t know any one that I could talk to and ask questions.

    Could you help me.

    Thank you

    • Mike Martin says:

      Hi There, thank you for your message and I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you, Ive been a bit too busy to look at the site.

      The first thing that you have to do to become a Freemason is to ask a Freemason that you know to Propose you to his Lodge. If you don’t know any Freemasons (I didn’t) it is quite possible to get to know one by contacting us through sites like our Lodge site and saying so.

      I will send you a private email so that you can tell me a bit about yourself.

  3. Ayodeji says:

    I would like to be a member of masonry, and am from nigeria and I don’t know where they have there meetings so that I can contact them. Please kindly send me their address or website.

  4. F. says:

    Dear Mike,
    I have visited with great pleasure the Mersey Lodge website since I am interested to join people sharing common values such as integrity and responsibility towards human kind.
    I would like to know if f I may have the honour to be part of it and possibly arrange a meeting.

    Thank you

    Kind regards

    • Mike Martin says:

      Hi there, I will send you aqn email to get some basic info and we’ll see if we can help you to join. Mike

  5. khalfan says:

    Hi brother MIKE Am sorry fo that am from mwanza Tanzania and my nearest lodge is 7485 mwanza lodge but i do’nt know where is located ,can u locate me or give a telephone no. of grand master of that lodge.

  6. taqi says:

    Iwant be mason who can i on saudi arabia im work in NCB bank

    • Mike Martin says:

      Hello there, I am sorry but you cannot become a Freemason in Saudi Arabia as it is an illegal pasttime there.

  7. david johnson says:

    Dear Sir and Bro
    your lodge jewel is for sale on ebay. Item 301097575086 refers
    I am not the seller
    yrs s&f

    L 4486

    • Mike Martin says:

      Hi David,
      Thank you for the heads-up but I have a permanent search on Ebay fro anything that is coinnected to us and had already written to the seller asking if he could separate it but he can’t as many people have already bid on the item. Mike

  8. hi! my name is linus from dar es salaam please help me to join freemason member

  9. Yitzhak Harms says:

    Dear Mike,
    I have visited with the Mersey Lodge website, and got very interested in the masonry. I have been reading about it, however I don’t know any one that I could talk to and ask questions.

    Thank you for your attention,

    Kind regards

    • Mike Martin says:

      Hi Yitzhak,
      Thank you for your message. If you are interested in becoming a Freemason you will need to make contact with Freemasons where you are as it is not something that you can do from a distance.

      Working by your IP Address you seem to be in the Carribean so maybe have a look at the following site that may help http://www.districtgrandlodge.org/contact-us.html or try contacting the Grand Lodge of the Republic of Venezuela,

      Good luck,

  10. casey bridwell says:

    Hi my name is Casey bridwell and in wondering if have a family member in the free masons wondering if my grandfather James h sawyer was a free mason or someone in his family is ?

  11. ian says:

    hello Mike,

    much greetings from my side, i live in east africa and have tried joining but it seems that i come accross with frauds, kindly help since i dont know one since 2b1ask1. Regards

    • Mike Martin says:

      Hi Ian and thank you for contacting us.

      It is very easy to avoid scam organisations in East Africa, you should only make contact with the District Grand Lodges that come under the three British Grand Lodges for example contact ours at: http://www.dgleastafrica.org/



    Enjoyed viewing your website.

    Raymond Sean Walters
    Internet Lodge #9659

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